Experiencing Great Architecture and Creative Built Environments

Traverse360 Genesis

The idea of creating the Traverse360 blog started bit by bit following my many weekend roadtrips.

I am an architect, so buildings and other creative bursts in our built environment have become my muse during my weekend roadtrips (along with a dry gin martini on occasion). I usually have a few destination buildings on my “must see” list for each roadtrip.   I locate the addresses online and I used to print out maps to the locations. Now I plug in the addresses on my iPhone before I leave home and just let the map app get me there.

I would come home and share stories and photos of all of the iconic, interesting, and curious buildings and places I had visited.  The “presentations” were always casual and random, with me searching folders on my laptop for certain photos within the many I had taken. These presentations had no set storyline to keep the conversation ontrack or concise, but people seemed to enjoy both seeing the photos as well as hearing about my adventures along the way.

During a 4 month trip to China for a work assignment, I found myself sending a  journal with around 100 photos weekly (yes, seriously) back home to family and friends to keep in touch with them from the other side of the earth.  I had set up a routine to write my journal and select and crop the photos every Sunday morning, while savoring my coffee (a hard to find luxury in the middle of China).

I received such a favorable response from many (actually most) of those I sent the journal and photos to, I have been thinking of a blog to continue sharing my roadtrip experiences, and the great buildings and places I visit. This also allows me (will make me) select, arrange and crop  the best photos of each building I visit and catalog them, so I have easy access to them in the future. I cannot tell you how many times I have looked for photos of certain buildings, or from a specific vacation and have spent far too much time searching through envelopes of photos (my old school “real” photographs) and backed up computer photo files from previous computer harddrives. I am building a personal architectural database of building locations, photos and my thoughts on their design and context.

Some friends are also suprised at the number of buildings and places I visit during a quick trip. I usually plan out a route after identifying the buildings I want to see, find their addresses, and map out a strategy to get to as many as I can. I sometimes get reactions from locals that I have seen more in a day than they have seen in a few years. Other trips, especially to cities I have visited before and have already see the “must see” locations, I  just meander around and come across curious buildings, spaces, or people. This blog will give me an opportunity to share some of my roadtrip and walking tour routes of cities and architect’s work which I have mapped out for myself, and post them for all to follow my footsteps (or tiretreads) as they wish.

This is the beginning of a new adventure. I have never blogged before. I have shyed away from joining all of the social networks. With this blog’s focus on Architecture, I am excited about sharing my architectural tour experiences and insights with anyone that might be interested.

One response

  1. Rob Hartley

    I am excited for Traverse360! I am one of the many followers of the images & tales over the past decade (yes decade). Wow it seems like I have always been following your adventures, but until you actually note how long it has been you don’t realize it.

    “The architect” has a great perspective visually & in his commentary. You will at least have a wonderful sense of the treasures that exist in the built environment, if you follow along.

    Don’t miss the ride.

    December 20, 2010 at 12:40 PM

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