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Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum (1982)

Marvin DeWinter Associates; Jordan Sheperd,  Architect

303 Pearl Street NW, Grand Rapids MI

Aerial View and Directions

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While driving through Grand Rapids, I decided to finally stop at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. I did not have time to actually tour the interior of the building and go through the displays related to President Ford’s administration – so it is unfair to really judge this museum building until I do so. Having said that, here are my comments on the exterior…

The exterior of the building facing the river reminds me of any number of suburban spec office buildings from the early 80’s which line the main roads near any suburban expressway interchange. There is a reflective glass curtainwall within an exposed aggregate concrete arch of sorts. It just did not feel like a museum to me, more like they temporarily leased space in an office building waiting for the museum to be built. The huge shiny blue dimensional letters forming the sign on the concrete fascia of the building, seem more appropriate for a check cashing store than a presidential museum, but I assume it is meant to be a nod to University of Michigan “blue”, Ford’s alma mater. The smaller lettering near the entrance is a dark bronze, to me it seems much more fitting.

Just north of the museum along a tree-lined sidewalk is a sloping curved wall forming a pristine plaza – the President and his wife’s final resting place. It is a quiet, contemplative space, very fitting in my mind. What did seem out-of-place is the black wrought iron fence with gold painted decorative ornate finials surrounding the graves,  totally incongruous to the contemporary angular reflective glass building and the simple curved concrete wall of the memorial. It was something I would expect surrounding a Georgian style McMansion, not a contemporary building.

And whats with the string of “Christmas” lights wrapped around the parapet just below the coping ? This is July…