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-OH-Bowling Green

Wolfe Center for the Arts (2011)

Snohetta, Architects  Oslo Norway

On the Campus of Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green OH

Aerial view and directions

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Photos taken March 15 & 19, 2012

Snohetta’s project webpage

With projects in locations such as London, Paris, Marseille, New York, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Cairo, Oslo and Berlin, – Snohetta’s latest completed building is in Bowling Green, Ohio.

This wedge building forms a grand lawn “ramp” up the east end of the building. The wedge is emphasized on the side walls with the siding panel grid and windows oriented on the angle. The main entry is on the west entry under the deep second floor overhang. Inside the lobby is a grand staircase which doubles as a seating/studying area.

I have been watching this building under construction, stopping several times to check up on the progress. To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the finished building…but cannot pinpoint exactly why. The concept is intriguing, the renderings were beautiful, the shape under construction was bold….as I was walking up to the completed building it just didn’t seem exceptional. Yes, it is an unusual building with a large bold wedge shape – but after that –  it just feels like a regular rectangular college building, fit into a wedge shaped shell.

When I visited the building at the beginning of my roadtrip, it had just started raining, and was gloomy. So on the return trip, I stopped by again on a sunnier afternoon to “give it a second chance”…and it just felt the same to me. I wanted to be thrilled by it….perhaps I need to attend a performance in the auditorium.

I really want to like it…