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Hanselmann House (1967-71)

Michael Graves Architect

10220 Circlewood Drive, Fort Wayne IN

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Visited October 27 2013


Best known for his earthy umber and ocher buildings with exaggerated classical references and a little proportional fun, this stark white modern”ish” cube designed by Michael Graves will come as a surprise. This was Michael Graves first architectural commission. And just from the glimpse you can see from the street, it looks as great now as I assume it looked over 40 years ago – especially in the Indiana autumn with the leaves providing the color. I really want to walk up those stairs…

The house is on a heavily wooded corner lot. In the winter with the leaves off the trees the side facade would be visible from the street.

See interior photos of the house from a recent real-estate listing click here.

Michael Graves and Associates webpage on the house.

Fort Wayne Fine Arts Center (1973)

Louis I. Kahn Architect

Now the Arts United Center, 303 E. Main Street Fort Wayne IN

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Visited October 27 2013

Designed in 1961-64

Architect Louis I. Kahn designed a theater in Fort Wayne Indiana…who knew?

Famous for the Salk Institute in La Jolla, the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, and the Parliament of Bangladesh in Dhaka, he actually built relatively few buildings so Fort Wayne is in excellent company. He was well known as the design critic at Yale School of Architecture and as Professor of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. He received the AIA’s Gold Medal.

The exterior of the building is a crisp, simple box constructed of dark brick.  The front facade has two very shallow arched keyhole windows linked with a concrete form acting as a heavy lintel over the entry doors.

The theater in Fort Wayne will require another trip, as it was closed on a late sunday afternoon. Kahn’s interiors are known for their “poetic sensibilities” and a walk through the lobby and auditorium I am sure will be inspirational.

The Art Institute of Chicago’s  Architecture in Context  –  Louis Kahn in the Midwest issue focusing on the Fort Wayne Theater.

Link to the Arts United Center website