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-KY I-65 Roadtrip

National Corvette Museum (1994)

Neumann/Smith Architects

I-65 at Exit 28, Bowling Green KY

Aerial View and Directions

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Visited March 18 2012

Well I do not really know where to start….I have driven down I-65 many times , always wondering what the bright yellow truncated cone with the red stylus sticking out of the top was….and what does it have to do with the Chevrolet Corvette?

This year I stopped to check it out. I did not have time to go in…but really did not want to once I was there.

The north facade is dynamic and interesting, a large swoop of dark grey metal panels with the impression of speed. From here I am not sure what to make of it. The south portion of the building in lighter grey metal panels is a newer addition. It also has a curved wall, but is resting on a series of round columns, taking away any feeling of speed or even drama. At the end of the colonnade is the entrance….which  someone felt had to have huge white letters “ENTRANCE” over the doors, otherwise how would anyone know how to get in?

Near this entrance is the Corvette Cafe, which looks like it is falling over or sinking into the sidewalk, for no apparent reason.

In what is basically a traffic peninsula in the parking lot is a memorial garden. This is out in the sun, with low garden areas with a lot of red mulch surrounding large areas of paving with stone park benches.The backs of the park benches have memorials to deceased corvette enthusiasts. To me, the setting was odd, right by the driveway, with no shade, and not projecting the feeling of relaxation, or contemplation. With the benches looking more like tombstones, I didn’t want to sit on any of them feeling I was disrespecting the deceased.

I really like the bright yellow truncated cone with the red stylus,but I am still not sure what it is…… and what does it have to do with the Chevrolet Corvette?

I guess I should have gone in, but I wasn’t sure where the entrance was.