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Michael Graves

Hanselmann House (1967-71)

Michael Graves Architect

10220 Circlewood Drive, Fort Wayne IN

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Visited October 27 2013


Best known for his earthy umber and ocher buildings with exaggerated classical references and a little proportional fun, this stark white modern”ish” cube designed by Michael Graves will come as a surprise. This was Michael Graves first architectural commission. And just from the glimpse you can see from the street, it looks as great now as I assume it looked over 40 years ago – especially in the Indiana autumn with the leaves providing the color. I really want to walk up those stairs…

The house is on a heavily wooded corner lot. In the winter with the leaves off the trees the side facade would be visible from the street.

See interior photos of the house from a recent real-estate listing click here.

Michael Graves and Associates webpage on the house.

Engineering Research Center (1995)

Michael Graves, Architect

University of Cincinnati Campus

Aerial View and Directions

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Last Visited August 28, 2011

The Engineering Research Center is another good Graves building. It if full of his earthy colors and chunky columns and simple building block shapes. The long building facade is broken up into a series of seemingly individual pavillions all in a row. The main section is twice as wide as the others and is more  formal looking with the tall colonnade at the entry level and two rows of short fat columns at the top. This wide pavillion is flanked by several tall narrower pavillions, two on the south side and one on the north side. These boxy bodies with barrel vaulted shoulders, and blocky heads look like old school robots with party hats. Not my favorite Graves Building, but it has a strong presence on campus and is interesting. Next trip I hope I have than just a few minutes and I can walk all the way around and get inside and explore it more.

Humana Building (1985)

Michael Graves, Architect

500 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202

Map and Aerial View

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(Last visited 03/20/2011, all photos taken 03/20/2011)

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