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I. M. Pei

Indiana University Art Museum (1978/1982)

I.M.Pei and Partners, Architect

Indiana University Campus, Bloomington IN

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Visited October 26, 2013

When I found out there was an IM Pei  designed Art Museum in Bloomington, I had to visit. It was designed the same year as the National Gallery of Art’s East Building in Washington DC.  When I got there I almost didn’t even go in. From the exterior I was disappointed, and frankly surprised. It looked more like a university warehouse than art museum.

I am glad that I did find the entrance and went in. The interior atrium is spacially interesting and worth a visit. With it’s grand stairway, multilevel walkways to various galleries, and the triangular shapes of the galleries shows signs of IM Pei’s design hand – but the execution of the details do not match the National Gallery.

And what is even more curious, when looking in a book about IM Pei’s “Complete Works” , I could not find any more information about the building. It did not exist anywhere in the table of contents, the index, or in any of the photos as I flipped thought the book. It looks like there is a hidden story here, I will have to investigate…

Cleo Rogers Memorial Library (1969)

I.M. Pei, Architect

536 Fifth Street, Columbus IN 47201

Aerial View and Directions

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Photos taken March 16, 2012

It is not every midwestern city of 45,000 that has a public library designed by I. M. Pei, and this one has a Henry Moore sculpture placed out front to boot. The citizens should feel lucky to have such a pair right downtown.