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Eliel Saarinen

First Christian Church (1943)

Eliel Saarinen Architect

531 Fifth Street, Columbus IN

Aerial View and Directions

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Photographs taken March 15 & 16 2012

For those familiar with the Cranbrook Educational Community in Bloomfield Hills, MI, elements of this building should feel “familiar”. Eliel Saarinen the architect lived at Cranbrook. He designed many buildings at Cranbrook with similar brick detailing, and interesting asymetrical placements. The First Christian Church shows an interesting mix of contemporary, Art & Crafts and  even a feeling of the old cloister and gothic places of worship skillfully integrated. His wife Loja, an acomplished textile artist, created the tapestry “Sermon on the Mount” hanging on the side wall of the alter. And keeping it in the family, the hanging light fixtures were designed by his son Eero, who also designed the St. Louis Arch, the TWA terminal at JFK, and the North Christian Church in Columbus Indiana.