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Wild Turkey Bourbon Visitor Center – Lawrenceburg KY (2013)

De Leon & Primmer Architectural Workshop Architects

1525 Tyrone Rd., Lawrenceburg KY

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In my estimation this is the architectural highlight of the Bourbon Trail. This precise, crisp black barn is well worth the trip just to experience this building. The seemingly simple silhouette is actually an incredibly complex masterpiece. The craftsmanship shown in the carpentry work, and the clarity of the concept is a very difficult proposition to achieve – and they have done it here.  The walk up the central ramp builds to a crescendo, opening to the glass wall overlooking the valley beyond. It is the perfect place for a bourbon tasting.

Bravo to the De Leon & Primmer Architectural Workshop!

p.s. – Try the Wild Turkey American Honey Sting, it is surprisingly good!

For additional photos and descriptions of all of the distilleries on my Bourbon Trail road trip, click here.

Wild Turkey Website


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