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Quincie Davis Branch Library (2005)

Richärd + Bauer Architecture – Architects

1585 E. 36th Street, Tucson AZ

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Visited November 15 2014

This branch library with it’s dramatic entry roof is an interesting composition sited on a nondescript corner south of the University. The exterior is where the most fun is if you are an architectural purist. The interior unfortunately has been “junked up” with all manner of taped up signs, papers, banners and assorted decorations – which of course is their prerogative as it is their building. I just wish I could have experienced the interior space before it obtained the “lived-in” look. There is an enclosed courtyard on the north side of the building.

The jutting angular roof form, the rounded courtyard fence, the rusted metal paneled box and the red accent wall are all put together brilliantly.

Richärd + Bauer Architecture Website

While in the area I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain Resort


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