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Davis House – Exterior (1950)

Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect

1119 Overlook Rd., Marion IN

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Visited October 27 2013

This Usonian “Tepee” is a large concrete block house with two long wings that angle out from the central tepee core. One of the bedroom wings was added a few years after the main house was built. It has cherokee red concrete floors with radiant heating scored in a parallelogram pattern.

The house is very visible from the street on a large wooded lot. It is only a 14 minute drive off of I-69 at exit 264.

I was very fortunate to have met the owner and was allowed inside to experience the interior. Click here to see my interior photos.

Dr. Richard Davis was a fellow in surgical training under Dr. Mayo and met Frank Lloyd Wright while Wright was at the Mayo clinic for inflamed gallbladder problems. You never know where you might meet future clients. Davis’ second wife, Madelyn Pugh was a writer for the I Love Lucy Show, and lived in the Wright house for a couple of years before they moved to California in 1966. There is a small Wrightian “Cottage” on the grounds which I was told where she did her writing.

(This is the 149th Frank Lloyd Wright building I have visited)


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