Experiencing Great Architecture and Creative Built Environments

The Murat Shrine (1909)

Oscar D. Bohlen, Architect

502 N. New Jersey Street, Indianapolis, IN

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Photos taken October 27 2013

Now officially known as the Old National Center, the Murat Shrine was built by the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. The architecture is as complicated and mystical as their name.

Bold brick banding, corbels, stained glass windows, terra-cotta, and stone are assembled in the composition of a main block with minarets, domes and crenellation. It is an extravaganza of details exhibiting the mason skills.

It is now used as an entertainment complex, with a performing arts theater, a concert hall, and several reception halls. I have no idea what the interior spaces are like, but I do want to find out. Next trip hopefully I can get inside.


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