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Indiana World War Memorial (1924)

Walker & Weeks, Architects

On Meridian just north of the city center, Indianapolis IN

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Photos from October 26 & 27, 2013

Said to be based on the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, this grand monument is an inspiring sight. Of course it is clad in Indiana limestone, and is situated in a five block plaza just north of the center of the city.

I have been told this building also inspired Indiana native Starchitect Michael Graves to study architecture.

You must go in and experience the Shrine Room if it is open. It is a silent, contemplative space with an american flag hanging in the center. Above the flag is an illuminated swedish crystal “Star of Destiny”. The backdrop is the bathed in dim blue light. This trip I did not get inside, but still vividly remember the experience from previous visits. I will look for my interior photos in my old school photograph collection and scan them in… if I can find them.

Well worth the trip architecturally as well as the historical importance memorializing our world war heroes.

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