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Shanghai World Expo Pavilions (2010)

“Better Cities – Better Life”

Shanghai, China

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Visited July 2010

While working in China I visited the World Expo in Shanghai. The pavilions presented a wide range of creativity in design – with the exception of the banal USA Pavilion ( which curiously was designed by a Canadian architect). Especially after having lunch in the Spain Pavilion, it was embarrassing to see the USA Pavilion’s dining experience. In Spain, we dined on various sliced cheeses and meats from a chef’s carving station,  a wide selection of seafood and meat entrees with sparkling water in a beautiful well appointed dining room with silver and linens… and in the USA Pavilion there is a coney island cafe with a back-lit menu showing photos of pizza, hot dogs and cheeseburgers. All of this in a building that looks like a suburban spec office building…I was embarrassed.

This is just a sample of the pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Click here to see my photos of the rest of the pavilions (and more views of the pavilions sampled here).

Many of the Pavilions were very creative, inventive and memorable, with truly inspired designs. I just wish it wasn’t blistering hot and humid the day I was there.


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