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Lindner Athletics Center, University of Cincinnati (2006)

Bernard Tschumi, Architect

University of Cincinnati Campus, Cincinnati OH

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Visited September 1, 2013

Initially I wanted to say that this building was wedged in an impossibly tight site between the Nippert football stadium and the Fifth Third Arena (and over the arena’s loading dock). Although factual, it does not feel that way when walking around the building. Tschumi’s curved facade slides in and around the confined space with ease and does not feel compromised.

The triangular gridded mass is lifted lightly by occasional continuations of the triangular structural system that go to grade, providing an open arcade of sorts for pedestrian circulation. The triangular fenestration is actually the negative space left between the structural grid – not punched openings in a wall.

I was not able to go into the building on this trip to take photos, but on previous visits I was able to ascend the grand stairway that goes up through the center of the building. True to Tschumi’s emphasis on Space, Event and Movement, this building captures all three – you will just have to wait for the interior photos to appreciate the experience of the grand stairway…or better yet, go visit it yourself. The University of Cincinnati has an impressive collection of buildings by the Starchitects. Works by Graves, Gehry, Eisenman, Cobb, and Mayne are all within walking distance (Click here for a list of the notable buildings on campus and their designers).

Planning a visit? Stay at the great 21c Museum Hotel downtown, and event in itself. The hotel is adjacent to Zaha Hadid’s Contemporary Arts Center.

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