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21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati (2012)

21c Museum Hotel , Deborah Berke Partners  Architects

Metropole Hotel , Joseph G. Steinkamp & Brother Architects

609 Walnut Street, Cincinnati OH

Aerial View and Directions

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Originally constructed as the Hotel Metropole by Joseph G. Steinkamp & Brother Architects in 1912 and added to in 1924, this was one of Cincinnati’s premier hotels. Over the years, it slowly transformed into a low-income apartment building. The Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation put together a development plan to renovate the building into a 21c Museum Hotel, the second location in this new art focused luxury hotel chain.

The facade has been renovated and restored bringing back the grandeur of the original. The juxtaposition of Zaha Hadid’s Contemporary Art Museum, the “Urban Carpet” rolled up next door, creates an exciting composition for the streetscape. What a perfect pairing, a museum hotel in a historic 100 year old building next to a contemporary art museum by a current superstar architect. And Deborah Berke Partners put their sophisticated and fun aesthetic in the mix and makes it all work together. Building upon the excellence and sucess of the original 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, which was voted one of the top 10 hotels in the world by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine (really!), the Cincinnati hotel I believe lives up to that tradition. Bravo to Deborah Berke Partners for pulling it together and making it happen.

The lobby and other public areas are in fact a fine art museum, with fascinating museum quality artwork displayed throughout.

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