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Bart Prince Studio Addition

Bart Prince Architect

Adjacent to 3501 Monte Vista Blvd. NE Albuquerque, NM

Aerial View and Map

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From the Archives, photos taken December 13, 2008

Directly adjacent to the Bart Prince Residence and Studio, this angular building is lifted above a seemingly separate one story volume below. This shares many similiarities in arrangement of forms with the Prince Residence and Studio next door, but was executed in a more angular and rigidily geometric way. When I was there, I suspected that this may be by Prince, but just took the photos of the building as the shapes and forms intrigued me…I wanted to be up on that balcony.

In going through my archives to post Prince’s original Studio building next door, I did some research to add a few links and background information for that post. Well, in a video interview with Prince there was a reference to this building indicating that it is an addition by Prince to his studio.

I do not know when it was built, but what I find interesting is you can see the transformation and variety of Prince’s design aesthetic side by side. Of the two, this is the one I would want to live and work in.

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