Experiencing Great Architecture and Creative Built Environments

Detroit, MI (est.1701)

The Motor City – Motown – The Arsenal of Democracy

The “D” –  The 313 – HockeyTown – Detroit Rock City

Detroit -the city that I live in, and have for over 20 years.

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This weekend the weather has been unusually great for October in the “D”, so I could not resist going downtown and snapping some photos to add to my archives – and have posted a sample of them here.

Much of what I have shared on this site in the past has been about architecture while on roadtrips away from home. Now with the weather changing and snow coming, my roadtrips will be less frequent.

I will post more of my favorite Detroit buildings from my archives over the winter months. Hopefully readers that have never been to Detroit will take a look, as well as locals who may find some surprises that they were not aware of. These are buildings and environments that I am privileged to be able to experience often, some daily.

Detroit has an impressive architectural, design, industrial, manufacturing, entertainment and sports heritage spanning it’s 310 year history. There are treasures here, many of which are not widely known to those outside Southeast Michigan. Detroit’s own Albert Kahn designed stately mansions, office buildings and shaped modern factory design all over the world. The Saarinen’s lived and worked in nearby Bloomfield Hills. Minoru Yamasaki’s office was in Troy and Gunnar Birkert’s in Birmingham. We have works in the City by Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, McKim Meade and White, Paul Cret, Daniel Burnham, Cass Gilbert, Philip Johnson and John Burgee, John Portman, and even a fountain by H.H. Richardson. Belle Isle, a thousand acre island city park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

We unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, also have our share of mediocre developments and bad ideas. I do not have time or space to post those…unless my occasional sarcastic side makes an appearance at the keyboard and I just have to share an “insightful” thought.

I hope you enjoy these future posts, learn of new spaces and places to visit, be inspired, and if you have never been to Detroit, what have you been waiting for?


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