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Alden B. Dow Buildings in Midland

Midland, MI

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All photos from September 24, 2011

As the son of the owner of the Dow Chemical Company, and an architect, Alden was the logical “choice” of Dow corporate executives that were building new residences. Luckly, Alden was a very talented and creative architect, otherwise the result could have been unfortunate for Midland!

Here is a selection of buildings in Midland that Alden designed.

The Midland Center for the Arts is the public building that leads this slideshow. The rest are all residences, just a sample of the many houses Alden designed in his hometown. There is an annual tour of Dow designed buildings, including the interiors of several residences, that I can recommend. I attended several years ago and that was well worth the visit.

You can see the heavy influence of Frank Lloyd Wright in Alden’s designs. This is understandable, as Alden attended Taliesin and was one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentices in 1933. After his 8 month stay at Taliesin, and with an architectural degree from Columbia University, Alden returned to Midland and just started building. By driving around the upscale neighborhoods in Midland, you can pick out his distinctive designs (or do a quick internet search for some addresses).

Alden’s own Home and Studio has its own post, do not miss it, as it is truly an architectural masterpiece.

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