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Feiman House (1954)

Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect

452 Santa Clara Dr., NW, Canton, OH 44709

Map and Aerial View

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Visited June 1, 2011

The north side of this inline plan Usonian house is very visible from the public street. The low slung flat roofed house and carport hug the site with a raised flat roof over the living room with unusually tall clerestory windows. The clerestory windows do not have the decorative plywood screens, but the low band of windows have the unique decorative plywood screens covering them. The brick wall extension shielding the private yard from the street also has an open abstract design in the brickwork.

Unfortunately, the brickwork has undergone extensive reworking or repointing with mortar that does not match the original mortar. These patches are obvious and are all over the wall and carport piers, but I guess the alternate of a crumbling wall and carport would have been much less desirable.

This is the 145th Frank Lloyd Wright Building I have visited (but who is counting…?).

A block away is Wright’s  Rubin House (1953). This house is not sufficiently visible from the street to warrant drive-by if you are looking for photos, at least in the summer with the heavily wooded lot fully “leafed out”.  (The 146th FLLW Building I have visited).

A little over a mile away is Wright’s Dobkins House (1953). This house, althought set back quite a distance from the road, is visible from the street if you look over the wide expanse of well manicured lawn between the trees. (The 147th FLLW Building I have visited).


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  1. I have a pair of old bifocal eyeglasses from a Dr. EDW M. FEIMAN of Canton, Ohio. Would they have been made or prescribed by the Feiman family mentioned here? 843-685-8443

    November 1, 2014 at 6:16 PM

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