Experiencing Great Architecture and Creative Built Environments

Hamtramck Disneyland (1999)

Dmytro Szylak, Artist

12087 Klinger Street, Hamtramck MI 48211

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Down a rather ordinary residential street, lined with rather ordinary houses and flats, if you look between the closely spaced houses you can catch a glimpse of an extraordinary creation. Dwytro Szylak, a retired Ukranian immigrant, has collected, assembled, and constructed an amazing spectacle. The creation fills his backyard, covers his garage, and overflows into the alley. With a slight breeze, the windmills, pinwheels, daisys, and other assorted whirlygigs spin and make noise. Hamtramck Disneyland is a wonderfully odd mix of objects and elements including patroitic, Christmas and western themes, cartoon characters, airplanes, birds, fish and even Elvis.  This burst of creativity will make you smile, reminisce about things you remember growing up, and you will leave feeling good. If you are lucky, Dwytro will be in his back yard tinkering around. With a friendly smile he may say hello and with a thick accent ask where you are from, before he turns back to his yard and continues to tinker with things on the table beside his garage.


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